Welcome to the exclusive MEF Network Expert Registry. MEF recognizes the IT professionals who undertake the challenging path of earning skills certification in the MEF Professional Certification Framework. For those who persevere and earn three certifications in the MEF Framework, we award the designation of MEF NETWORK EXPERT.

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To remain current with the latest standards and work of the MEF, MEF certified professionals need to retake each exam for which they are certified every three years in order to maintain their active status on the registry shown below. The full certification expiration policy can be viewed here.

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Name Status Certification Date Company Country Locator
Anuradha Udunuwara Active 2018-05-06

Sri Lanka Telecom

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Bas Thissen Active 2018-06-27


Netherlands Netherlands
Craig Easley Active 2018-05-25

The Carrier Ethernet Academy

United States United States
Darren Tsang Active 2018-05-22


Canada Canada
David Stewart Active 2018-05-24

The Carrier Ethernet Academy

United States United States
Diego Oliver Active 2018-05-25


Spain Spain
Emmette Murkett Active 2018-05-24

Wide Open West (WOW)

United States United States
Francisco Fernandez Molina Active 2018-05-26

Sedona Systems

Mexico Mexico
George Churchwell Active 2018-06-27

Tech 2000

United States United States
Larry Samberg Active 2018-06-27

Twin Spruces

United States United States
Lee Jorissen Active 2018-05-23

TPx Communications

United States United States
Marjory Sy Active 2018-05-25

PLDT Corp. Business Solutions

Philippines Philippines
Min Sang Yoon Active 2018-05-25

Tata Communications

United States United States
Ryan Hoffman Active 2018-06-27


Canada Canada
Yoav Cohen Active 2018-06-27

Perpetual Training Solutions

United Kingdom United Kingdom
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