MEF Professional Certification Framework

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MEF Professional Certification Framework outlines a new and comprehensive set of skills to lead and support network transformation. This set of certifications reflects a broader view of vendor-neutral skills that are required to manage complex network and telecom solutions.

MEF, working in conjunction with other UNITE member organizations (the leading standards and technology developers today) realizes that no one network technology domain is sufficient to be thoroughly prepared. Working together with leading subject matter experts, and creating a framework that is flexible and collaborative, they are building a certification architecture for standards-based, vendor-neutral networking skills.


Essential Level

Exams include MEF Network Foundations, the vendor-neutral, concept level introduction to the world of software-driven modern networking, including a detailed introduction to SD-WAN. A great place to start!

Professional Level

Deeper dive, rigorous, practitioner level exams in domains of Carrier Ethernet (available now), SDN/NFV (available in April 10, 2018), LSO/Network Automation (Q4 of 2018), and Network Security (Q2 2019). Each exam validates knowledge, skills and abilities in the key technology domains of today’s networks.

MEF Professional Certification Framework

Expert Level

Those IT professionals who pass three ProCert framework exams earn the coveted MEF NETWORK EXPERT credential. No extra exam required, but this credential attests to a broad and comprehensive knowledge and skills in modern network technologies.

Master Level

Recognizing those networking pros who pass 4 ProCert exams, the NETWORK MASTER will be a sought-after, valuable resource who can lead network transformation efforts for companies and their clients.  No extra exam required.

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