MEF SDN/NFV Beta Exam Registration

Welcome to MEF's Professional Certification Exams.

The MEFProCert is an MEF sponsored site providing registration, scheduling, and management for the MEF professional certification exams.

Our exam management system enables individual and group registrations. So whether you are an individual scheduling an exam for yourself, a manager scheduling exams for a team, or an MEF Accredited Training Provider (MEF-ATP) scheduling exams for your students, you will find this system helpful.

Your Exam Dashboard

Once your exam registration order is complete, you will be directed to your "Exam Dashboard" where you can view your exam registration details. From the Exam Dashboard you can click on the "Orders" tab to view your orders and print receipts.

For MEF-ATPs and managers, the Exam Dashboard keeps track of all your participants, in progress participants, exam groups, and orders. It allows you to make changes and displays examinee's scores following their exams.

After you take your exam

After taking an exam, the exam participants will receive an email with their score. Those who pass the exam will be directed to update their personal MEF Certified Professionals Profile. This profile holds the exam participant's digital and printed copy of their personalized certificate and logos. The awarded participant is then listed on the MEF Certified Professionals page.  During the MEF-SDN/NFV Beta, no scores will be posted and no certifications will be awarded until after the beta period is concluded and all results are analyzed.  

How much does the MEF-SDN/NFV exam cost?

The retail price for the MEF-SDN/NFV exam is $420 USD.  During the Beta only, the exam is priced at $210 (50% off retail) for the first 100 participants.  This is a very limited opportunity.  

Please note:

  • Beta exams are not scored during the beta period and no results are given until after the beta period is concluded.

  • Beta exam registrations expire at the conclusion of the beta period. 


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